Yesterday we helped Daniel get his 2016 Ford Focus back on the road. He reached out to us after another locksmith could not get his new car keys to program after 3.5 hours of attempts. The unsuccessful locksmith told Daniel to call a tow truck and get it to a dealership for new keys. Mike got the code and Ryan cut the key. A “Good” Locksmith showed up at 11:30 AM and after 90 mins of troubleshooting we were able to get Daniel’s high security Ford keys programmed to his ’16 Focus. We had to get creative to disable the Anti-Theft System for the car’s computer to communicate with the transponder key. This was not an easy job but it was a special job because it was the 1st high security key we cut on our new key cutting machine. The part that baffles us is this other locksmith actually left with keys that can open the car doors to Daniel’s vehicle. They won’t start but we think it is pretty unethical to leave with someone’s keys. If you are reading this just another reminder to the Southwest Florida community to call reputable locksmiths. If you are in the market for new keys for your vehicle A “Good” Locksmith can cut and program 90% of vehicles in the US market. Call us today: 239-278-5397