Customer lost their only key to their newly bought 2017 Nissan Versa. The local Nissan dealership tried to convince the customer that their service department was the only person that could program the vehicle. Gave him a hard time about releasing his key code. As long as the owner of the vehicle shows their drivers license, registration and insurance card, the dealership is required to release the key code and programming codes at no charge. Nissan told the customer that the locksmith would not be able to program the vehicle without a special code and recommended their tow truck company to tow the vehicle to their service department.

Customer called me back to discuss his options. I assured him I can program a Nissan transponder chip and remote head key. After a lot of back and forth the customer was finally able to get the service department to release the key code. When I arrived the keys I pre-cut actually turn the ignition. No programming necessary for the ignition. NO PIN CODE necessary. This is information that is transparent to any dealership’s service department. Only product that required programming was the remote head key. I was able to get the keys programmed in under 2 minutes for this gentleman.

Even though the dealership should know it all their are a lot of lazy employees and crooked management trying to pull slick willy moves to increase their monthly sales goals. Here at A Good Locksmith our only goal is to provide excellent customer service. So always check with a reputable locksmith before actually going through with the purchase at your dealer. This customer would have wasted hundreds of dollars having his vehicle towed to the dealership, pay retail price for keys and then $75 an hour for service department to program the key. Instead our customer saved money by researching the local locksmiths in the area. It was a huge compliment for our customer to choose us as their local locksmith.

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