“The best advice we can give customers in Southwest Florida is we have has a ton of salt in the air. Never use WD-40 or Graphite in your locks. Those type of products cause all sorts of lock problems and will require a full flush of the lock to fix the issue you are having. The best kind of products for lock maintenance is a Teflon based product.”

Lock Repair

A “Good” Locksmith correctly executes lock repairs and installations. It is essential in Southwest Florida to have a secure and safe household. It does not matter to us the size or scale of a project. No matter the situation, we begin by evaluating the current condition of all locks around the home. After our inspection of the locks outer clips, knobs, and screws we will determine the causes of your issues. Our locksmiths also check the surrounding frame to search for any abnormalities such as damaged door trims or expanded wood. In most cases lock problems are due to corrosion, worn out latches or broken clips, but the door jam can be the culprit as well.

If all else fails on the external inspection, A “Good” Locksmith if necessary will inspect the internal structure of the lock cylinder. If it is worth it to fix the locks, we will, but when repairs are out of the question, the next step is new hardware. A “Good” Locksmith will offer the best brands and solutions to solve your lock problems. If you feel comfortable purchasing the new locks, go ahead. A “Good” Locksmith can install them but remember we are the professionals and know the best solutions for your home.

A "Good" Locksmith can be on-scene and ready to help 24/7, GUARANTEED!

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