Re-Key Existing Locks

Homes in Southwest Florida typically have multiple entrances and various locks throughout the house. Depending on how many locks are installed on the property you may have a lot of keys you have to manage. We see a lot of homes with more than one key for each door. If this is your situation, it may be time to rethink your security options and re-key your property. Lock re-keying will eliminate confusion associated with unlocking your doors.

Re-keying your locks is a convenient and affordable service. When A “Good” Locksmith re-keys a lock all the inner workings will be removed, replaced, and maintenanced so they can function like new with a new key code. Re-keying your locks is a cost effective way to change the keys to your residence without having to install new hardware and new locks. When we re-key your locks the only thing that we are updating is the internal mechanisms of the lock. You do not have to worry about having to replace your deadbolt, knobs or any of the hardware unless the hardware is broken, worn, or defective.

A “Good” Locksmith will create one key that works on all of your locks, and you would not have to search for the right one anymore. Plus, re-keying your locks gives you the opportunity to create a master key that could open all of your doors and an additional key that can open a service door. This way if you have a cleaning company, home watch service, or dog walker this person would only have access to one entry, instead of all of your doors. When or if you ever stop working with one of these services, you would just be required to re-key one door, instead of all the locks.

There are a variety of reasons why you may need to have your locks re-keyed. No matter the circumstances, A “Good” Locksmith will be more than delighted to re-key your hardware for you. If you have experienced any of the following, you may need to have your locks re-keyed.

• Keys have been stolen, lost, borrowed or not returned
• Numerous keys for all your locks
• No desire to replace hardware
• Purchased a new home
• Landlord with new tenants

A "Good" Locksmith can be on-scene and ready to help 24/7, GUARANTEED!

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